All models are broken, some are useful.  Here are several different models for of me:

Tweet: Venture grower by day, glass blower by night.

Strengthsfinder 2.0:  Strategic, Activator, Ideation, Maximizer, Futuristic  (Hear me talk about my strengths)

Elevator Pitch: I’m an entrepreneur, venture junkie, payments aficionado, and parallel COO. Co-Founder of PiryxTech Ranch and Shirtish. I’m also a future-geek with previous stints on the executive teams at The Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Humanity+. I even managed to sneak into the founders conference at Singularity University.  I work and live in two of the three greatest cities in America – San Francisco and Austin.   I like to create HDR Photographs and blow glass in my copious spare time.

My LinkedIn Profile:

My Haiku:

Parallel thinker.

I like to make good things great.

My Name is Jonas.