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Introducing Two by Two.  A Strategic Guide to life.

All the world can be described in the form of a 2×2.  Anything can be compared against anything else.  Height vs. Weight.   Age vs. Wisdom.   Size of the truck vs. the guy driving it.  In the business world, strategy consultants with newly minted MBAs are paid great sums of money to analyze things like cost vs. marketshare and features vs. usefulness.  Yes.  Some of these comparisons actually make sense!  And some not so much (Temperature vs. Pirates). Here at jonaslamis.com, we can and do frequently make wild comparisons between things that on the surface may seem ludicrous, but ultimately are shown to be deeply intertwined.  Which brings us to today’s topic….

Price vs. Value

Ah, twas the season. With Christmas past, and the orgy of food, drink and merriment behind me I thought I’d strategically review gifts given, received, or just wished for.  I hope you enjoy the  video!

Question of The Day

What was the best or worst gift that you received this past holiday season?  Please post your comments below.

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2 Responses to “A Strategic Guide to Gift Giving”

  1. Jonas

    06. Jan, 2010

    Kathryn told me that her best gift was the PayPal branded Eee PC. This gift is a classic Less is More. Not only is it a Netbook (so it has less features and performs better), but it was a free gift that I received for attending the PayPal Developer’s Conference back in November.

  2. Felicia

    06. Jan, 2010

    Awesome post! Must beg to differ on the Duran Duran boxed set however :) For me, that’s Low cost/high value! I realize I’m in a small exclusive club on that one.

    My best gift this season was in the You Get What You Pay For category. My new Nikon D 5000 camera is the best gift of the season. It also enables me to give others gifts in the low cost/high value area — pictures of my kids :)